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Audits your way

the always-free GRC software that powers trust

Trusted by hundreds of trail blazers

the easy way to achieve compliance and complete audits

tailored path

Pillar's advanced data profiling adapts to your way of operating to remove the guesswork, rigidity and headaches

curated guidance

curated examples, guides and optionality to achieve compliance and complete the audits your way

agile audits

audits at your pace with regular feedback to ensure you're on the right track from start to finish

Pillar in action

Pillar's easy, multi-standard, collaborative audits.

"Taking things in bite-sized chunks enabled us to action things as we went. This agile approach is much more in line with the way a modern business works."
Brad shaw
Brad Shaw, CEO, livepro

the five pain points of audits

Learn how Pillar changes the status quo, so you can focus on building trust without all the pain.

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Audits are confusing

Audits don’t make sense when they don’t match the way you operate. Pillar’s sophisticated data model profiles your context, systems, processes to align your compliance program, your own way.

Audits are onerous

Multiple standards, multiple audits, and neverending requirements, are the new norm.

Pillar is the most advanced platform for covering multiple standards in one audit process to remove the duplication.

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Audits are disruptive

Audits are known for the guesswork, uncertain timelines, and disruption to your team. Pillar's agile audits support parallel completion of your implementation, evidence collection, audit review and reporting updates with regular feedback. You go at your own pace, aligned to your auditor at all times, and with minimised disruption to your team.

Audits are prone to error, rework

Audits are onerous. Spanning multiple business areas with countless documents involved. Pillar's power-ups do more with less; re-using audit evidence, linking items, and a universal document view for easy management.

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Audits are a large investment

Complexity exists in all corners of company operations. Ignoring it, or trying to automate it, doesn't make it go away. Pillar's flexible automation works with whatever systems you use, and whatever complexities may be lurking within your business activities.